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Boy Scouts of America NOVA Award

Troop 17 is now offering the new BSA STEM/Nova program!  
Troop 17 has had a longstanding interest in STEM activities, including the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), and we are proud to offer the new Boy Scouts of America STEM Nova and Supernova Awards program.

Troop 17 is offering the BSA STEM/Nova program as a focused and ongoing but optional program in addition to our traditional Scouting program. Our STEM program is open to Troop 17 Scouts of all ages. This is a hands-on, high-level, and fun activity designed to encourage interest and provide real experience with science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics. Scouts in Troop 17’s STEM program have the chance to design and build projects ranging from solar-powered vehicles to catapults and rockets. We explore hands-on learning with STEM topics including energy, electricity, astronomy, chemistry, physics, cryptography, and aviation.

Scouts can start in Troop 17’s STEM/Nova program at any time, including immediately after moving up to Boy Scouts from Webelos. Our program is structured so that new Scouts can start on their Nova awards as soon as they join the Troop. Then by competing on Troop 17’s TARC team in 7th grade or later (which satisfies the Supernova awards’ STEM competition requirements), Scouts will be able to complete their Supernova award requirements and earn the prestigious BSA Supernova medals – the Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award and then the Thomas Edison Supernova Award.

Troop 17’s STEM program holds monthly meetings in addition to regularly scheduled Troop meetings. These monthly STEM meetings are focused exclusively on STEM program activities, allowing us to progress on STEM projects and other achievements without impacting the traditional Scouting program offered by the Troop.

More information about the BSA STEM Nova and Supernova program can be found at the BSA STEM website. For more information about Troop 17’s STEM program, or to inquire about joining Troop 17, please Contact Us.

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