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Eagle is not merely another rank; it is the pinnacle achievement of Boy Scouting that forever changes the young men that earn this great honor. The path is narrow and often steep, but earning the rank of Eagle is an unparalleled experience where Scouting’s goals of leadership, citizenship, and character development are perfected. Since Frank Ix became Troop 17’s first Eagle in 1938, a total of 109 young men from our troop have earned Scouting’s highest honor.

Nationally, six percent of Boy Scouts go on to become Eagles.  Troop 17 Scouts earn the rank of Eagle at four times the national average rate.

Troop 17’s vision is that every Scout deserves the opportunity to earn the rank of Eagle, and every Scout has the ability to do so.  We do not pressure Scouts, and we are not an Eagle factory.  Rather, the Troop’s culture is to mentor and encourage Scouts to attain this high honor:

  • We “jumpstart” new Scouts and help them earn First Class within their first year (earning Tenderfoot, Second Class and then First Class).  Studies and our experience both show that if Scouts reach this critical milestone, they quickly gain basic Scouting skills and confidence, greatly increasing their chances of continuing along the path to Eagle.
  • We earn many of the challenging and rarely offered Eagle required merit badges within the troop.
  • We provide ample opportunities for Scouts to gain the mandatory leadership positions and other requirements needed for rank advancement at every level.
  • Individual Scout accounts are maintained which allow Scouts to earn and accumulate a share of fundraising proceeds (Christmas Tree sales, Peanuts and Popcorn) to fund their Eagle service projects.
  • Adult leadership promotes a culture of mentorship and encouragement, making sure no Scout falls behind and the needs of each individual boy are recognized and met.
  • Troop 17 commits to every boy that we will provide the support, focus, and resources necessary for the boy to successfully earn the rank of Eagle.
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© 2024 Troop 17-Charlottesville, VA, Since 1934 - Boy Scouts of America
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