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Troop Facebook Page

We now have a troop Facebook page! Here we post recent activities and events. Check us out here.

Trail to Eagle

Troop 17 has been extraordinarily successful in having its scouts reach the highest level of achievement, Eagle Rank, since its founding 90 years ago.  And despite the competing activities scout’s face in the 21st century and the impact of COVID-19 on organizations world wide, at Troop 17 in the 2020’s, thus far, we have had 19 scouts achieve this coveted goal, placing us in the very top all of the 60+ Troops, both big and small, in our Virginia Headwaters Council.  The bottom line is we believe we know how to inspire your scouts to stay engaged in scouting and reach the finish line on the Trail to Eagle! The following is a tally of Troop 17 Scouts reaching Eagle from 2020-2023:

2020: 1 new Eagle Scout

2021: 8 new Eagle Scouts

2022: 4 new Eagle Scouts

2023: 6 new Eagle Scouts

2023-24 TARC!!!

Troop 17 is participating in the Team America Rocketry Challenge this year. We are hoping to qualify for NASA Student Launch this year and going back to Huntsville. We are working at Lightstorm Research to build our rocket and are very grateful to them for letting us use their facilities. If you are interested, contact our Scoutmaster using the email on the contact page.

Join Troop 17!

Troop 17 is an active and engaging troop. We do fun activities all the time, and we are looking for new members. To contact us, go to our contact page and send an email to the address provided.

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